About Cocktail Renaissance

Hello Fellow Mixologists!

Welcome to the blog about the Cocktail Renaissance, the drink revival that’s sweeping the world over and sending amateur and professional barkeeps back to the mahogany to try something old and create something new.  I’m one of those recent cocktail aficionados that’s been fascinated by this reinvention of the mixed drink, and I’ve decided to bring my experiences in cocktail making to you.  I’m not a professional bartender; I’m just a guy that can appreciate a great drink.  I love making the old classics and creating new concoctions, and I know that anyone can make truly great cocktails if they’re willing to put in the time and effort to experiment with the endless possibilities of mixology.

The Cocktail Renaissance blog is for anyone interested in the making of classic cocktails, the basics of cocktail creation, and the history behind legendary drinks that have survived even through our darkest times, i.e. Prohibition.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about these fine drinks, and sharing with others on this blog your own escapades during this Cocktail Renaissance.  Enjoy, and drink well!

Andrew Morse