The Stinger

This is very simple cocktail, but very easy to make incorrectly. There are two keys to making a good Stinger: one, go easy on the creme de menthe, and two, use a good brandy (or cognac). Since the brandy takes up the majority of the drink I’d advise using a higher quality brandy (no room for bottom shelf liquor here). The creme de menthe can easily overpower the drink, so definitely experiment to find a balance that suits your tastes. Otherwise, you might be gulping down a fresh and minty abomination.

I’ll say right out that this is not one of my favorite cocktails (I think it has something to do with the taste of mint), but it is an old classic (originated in the late 19th century) so it’s definitely worth covering. I think I’d just prefer a glass of brandy to tell you the truth, but here’s how to make the aptly named Stinger…adjust the amount of creme de menthe to suit your taste:

2 1/2 oz. brandy
1/2 oz. white creme de menthe

Combine the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker and shake until cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

The Stinger

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