The Gin Rickey

Refreshing. The word describes what a good cocktail should be, and the Gin Rickey is the embodiment of refreshment. I’m enjoying a Gin Rickey as I write this and it is certainly the perfect drink for a summer day. Don’t be afraid of it if you’re not a fan of gin; it’s not overpowering. All of the ingredients in the Gin Rickey work together to create an incredibly “drinkable” drink. The lime juice balanced by the inclusion of a touch of simple syrup provides the perfect combination of sweet and sour, while the gin and club soda provide a balance of dry and wet that make this cocktail appealing no matter who’s enjoying it.

The Rickey can really be made with any base liquor, but the Gin Rickey has been, by far, the most popular over the course of the 20th century. The Rickey was created in the 1880’s by a Washington, D.C. bartender named George A. Williamson, at the request of a congressional lobbyist, Colonel Joe Rickey, by adding lime to his regular cocktail of bourbon and tonic. As the addition of lime to the base liquor/tonic combination continued, the version of the drink based on gin gained popularity and became the Gin Rickey.

Here’s how I make my Gin Rickey:

2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. lime juice
Club soda
Dash of simple syrup
2 lime wedges

The Ingredients

Coat the bottom of highball glass with simple syrup. Fill the glass with ice. Add the lime juice and the gin. Fill the rest of the glass with the club soda. Stir the drink.

Stir after building

Add the lime wedges. And there you have a beautifully crafted Gin Rickey.

The Gin Rickey

Enjoy this refreshing Rickey during a beautiful summer’s day…in fact, have two if you’d like!

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